Content Creation

"The cornerstone of any marketing strategy is engaging content."

Written Content & Thought Leadership

Content creation forms the cornerstone which shapes an effective marketing strategy. Our sector specialist teams understand the market, allowing us to work with you to create engaging and relevant articles, blogs and white papers with industry specific knowledge.

Content can be created both as part of a wider marketing strategy to support business development aspirations, or as a standalone service such as PR, collaboration projects or short-term marketing campaigns to engage a niche target audience.

Video, Animation and Podcast

Video content has been proven to be genuinely engaging within a business-to-business environment, performing particularly well on social media by generating high levels of engagement. Content styles ranges from corporate messaging, training videos and market commentary, to business development content.

Our studio is well versed in both on-location shoots and filming at the London studio, as well as creating recorded webinars, which is a great way to connect team members from across the globe.

Video content in particular ranges in terms of project size. We frequently produce short videos to support an ongoing marketing strategy where a handful of 3-6 minute clips are created for use on social media. However, we also manage largescale projects such as promotional videos, which include a curated collection of in-person footage, stock footage and bespoke animation alongside a voiceover to be used as a striking introduction for firms to use, for example, on their websites, at events or at presentations.

Marketing Documents

As a result of the increase in hybrid working and rapid rate of digitisation, traditional hard copies of marketing documents are becoming less relevant, however there are increased demands for outstanding digital documentation as part of a 360 degree business development strategy to help businesses to remain relevant in the current market.

Documents such as investor decks are essential to support funds in meetings with potential investors, as are digital presentations to support sales pitches. One page documents, including product sheets and case studies, generate high levels of engagement on social media sites such as LinkedIn and are useful to upload to email marketing campaigns and websites.

As part of the digital transition, some previously used print documents are no longer as effective, and need refreshing or re-creating in order to remain relevant in the current market.

Corporate Photography

In a hybrid-working environment, the first impression of your business by a prospect is often online, therefore the importance of a developed digital brand cannot be understated.

Professional, clean and uniform team photographs are effective in supporting the overall brand impression to prospects and clients by providing a professional, approachable and people-focused point of contact.

Lacewing Media can organise and manage custom photo shoots, from corporate headshots (on site or in a studio) to corporate image banks for general use.

Investor Pitch Decks and Reports

With a specialist team focussed on the Alternative Investment sector, Lacewing are well versed in producing marketing documentation for funds. From updating current branded materials or reimagining outdated presentations, through to working alongside the internal team to design documents to match your funds aspirations in the current market.

Our design and content teams work alongside each other to develop visually engaging graphics and layouts to accompany carefully curated written content, while retaining the core values and key themes within your fund’s brand.