2024 Trends: Short form video content

The use of short-form video content in B2B marketing has been notably on the rise over the previous years, and its growing effectiveness signals that this trend should only grow in popularity over 2024. In fact, as Forbes reports, ‘The success rate of video as a format in B2B is indisputable… 74% of B2B marketers say video has a better return on investment than static images do’ (2022).

Short-form video content is already a well-established and effective tool in both B2C and B2B digital marketing landscapes. This format has gained immense popularity across various social media platforms since its boom on TikTok during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as it enables businesses to capture attention, convey messages efficiently, and connect with their audiences on a more personal level.


Trending Content

A recent trend, dubbed ‘CorporateTok’ and ‘OfficeTok’ in reference to its origin on TikTok, has played a pivotal role in reshaping the perspective of corporate working and fostering positive business impressions in the eyes of Millennials already established in their careers, Gen Z who are joining the workforce, and subsequent Generation Alpha members who begin to use social media daily. These videos often receive high levels of engagement, which has consequently shown that incorporating short-form videos into a comprehensive marketing strategy can contribute significantly to both business visibility and reputation.


Changing human psychology

Short-form video content effectively caters to the decreasing attention spans and busy lives of online audiences of all ages, where users are more likely to engage with concise content that delivers information quickly, rather than more traditional corporate-style videos, which previously found great success on platforms such as YouTube. The accessibility and ease of this shorter style makes it highly shareable, which contributes to increased interactions, enhancing the reach of marketing campaigns and brand awareness for B2B companies.



Showcasing Authenticity

People are increasingly seeking to engage with brands which demonstrate authenticity and transparency on social media. This developing trend is in part due to the growing distrust for purely ‘product-focused’ marketing approaches, which stems from oversaturation, lack of authenticity, and a focus on quantity over quality.

Short-form video allows brands to effectively showcase authenticity and company culture by sharing behind-the-scenes footage. This can include employee-generated content, introducing team members, and humanising their brand, resulting in a deeper connection with their audiences.


Is short-form video right for your business?

Short-form videos are gaining traction due to their ability to convey information quickly and engage audiences effectively. Businesses can use short-form videos for various marketing purposes, including product or service promotions, informative and educational content, customer testimonials, and event coverage. The versatility of this format makes it suitable for a wide range of B2B marketing strategies at a relatively low cost. Successful marketing strategies are leveraging these formats to deliver concise yet impactful messages, making complex topics more digestible for their target audience. The brevity of these videos aligns with the fast-paced nature of business environments, allowing for efficient communication.


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