AI and the redefinition of marketing roles

Will AI redefine marketing roles?

It’s not new news; AI is driving rapid change across all industries. Those who embrace the change are set to make the most success out of it. So rather than considering how AI advancements could make a job extinct, let’s focus on how the marketing team will look in the new age of AI.

According to a recent HubSpot article summarising findings from their ‘State of AI survey’ they “found that 62% of marketing leaders and 66% of business leaders have already hired new employees to help leverage AI/automation tools.” Lacewing Media are one of those firms.


What are the key AI marketing opportunities and how will marketing roles adapt?

The technology advancements in AI are impressive and automation will inevitably save marketers time on their repetitive daily tasks so they can focus more of their time on strategies to grow digital lead flow. According to the recent HubSpot survey many marketeers are already taking full advantage of the systems out there: “45% of marketers use generative AI when analysing and reporting data.” Whilst some traditional positions may cease to exist in the future of AI, new roles will emerge, requiring a new skillset which combines both traditional marketing with AI expertise. The new job roles entering the sector according to HubSpot’s recent survey might be: “AI trainers, Writers with AI expertise and Digital Marketers with AI knowledge.”

Here are the key areas we believe are being transformed by AI:

  1. Personalisation: AI can be used to analyse large amounts of data to identify patterns and insights about customers, which can be used to deliver more personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. This could equate to an adaptation of the traditional digital marketer role.
  2. Content creation: AI can be used to generate and optimise content brainstorming, such as social media posts and blog articles, based on data insights and user behaviour. This could form new positions such as AI content creators. It’s important that content generation is not taken over entirely by robots but rather collaborated with AI to maintain the emotive human touch to content.
  3. Data analysis and customer insights: AI powered advertising platforms can help to optimise ad targeting and delivery based on user behaviour and preferences. This could replace the traditional PPC manager role and combine their experience with AI driven data.

The introduction of AI will also create new business areas for consideration such as ethics and compliance as well as AI system integration. Human involvement is still essential for future marketing teams to function. AI cannot dream, think outside of the box, and create new ideas as part of a wider creative team.  Marketers can use AI output as part of their toolbox and any attempt to utilise AI generated content in basic form will soon be noticed.


Implications and challenges facing the new-look marketing teams

Whilst the introduction of AI technology will shape the way the marketing team functions in the future it will affect ‘the war of talent’ and require individuals to upskill in order to adapt to a different approach as traditional roles may be replaced. Some organisations aren’t embracing all elements of AI as they’re not using it to its maximum potential. According to McKinsey “When executives think about strategy automation, many are looking too far ahead—at AI deciding the right strategy. They are missing opportunities to use AI in the building blocks of strategy.”

At Lacewing Media, we appreciate the importance of embracing AI driven marketing but also recognise its shortfalls. We’re already moving forward with the change and our team includes expertise focused on digital creation and specialising in AI analysis. This ensures we are using AI to its fullest potential to provide industry leading marketing support, whilst still maintaining the human touch and tailored approach to our clients. We feel this is essential when working in such a complex and highly regulated industry. As AI constantly evolves, so will we; we’re regularly keeping our knowledge up to date through research, courses and seminars and we are looking forward to working with our clients as the industry adapts to the new environment. If you’re an organisation operating in the service industry within the alternative investments sector, contact a member of the Lacewing Media team to find out how we can support you and your marketing needs.