What are the benefits of using Linked In for your business?

LinkedIn is home to the world’s biggest professional network, boosting over 546 million users across 200 countries globally. Ranging from professional users showcasing their CVs, to companies having pages to illustrate their services and offerings, the social media platform is a positive environment for growing employee engagement and generating leads.

In the digital marketing space, LinkedIn is popular as a platform for B2B social media due to its impressive network base. Businesses that set up Company pages are able to capitalise on this network through content marketing, building relationships, demonstrating thought leadership, conducting research and sharing insights within their business communities.

If you are looking to expand LinkedIn for your business, here are some advantages to consider:

You can build brand awareness and improve reputation

At Lacewing Media, our role is to help our clients boost their online presence. LinkedIn is a fantastic way for businesses in the B2B sector to do this through creating a content strategy. By distributing content regularly onto their feed, companies can choose from personal and group features to connect with their audience and boost their brand credibility and visibility. Companies have the option to use both organic or paid campaigns to distribute their content.

In addition to creating a content strategy to improve a company’s awareness and reputation, businesses can also measure brand awareness through the following primary metrics: number of impressions (CPM), click-through rate and engagement rate. LinkedIn also supplies secondary metrics such as the traffic to the website, lifts in brand recall and awareness and the number of linkbacks to content.

Establish your business and employees as thought leaders

According to Edelman, 49% of decision makers on LinkedIn stated that they believed that thought leadership is effective in influencing their purchasing decisions. LinkedIn has several features that enable your business to establish itself as a leader within your particular field. Whether this is through providing high-quality content, to elevating personal profiles of employees and engaging in LinkedIn communities, the LinkedIn network remains to be a fertile ground for professionals to assert themselves as leaders in industry. It should be recognised that both brand awareness and thought leadership go hand in hand with showcasing influence. Companies with a strong reputation and demonstrated knowledge regarding industry insights will go a long way when it comes to connecting and impressing potential clients.It is important to recognise and understand that building a brand is a long-term strategy. It is critical to offer high quality thought content in order to gain trust of potential key stakeholders and executives.

Build traffic to your company’s website

Through the use of hashtags, companies can join relevant conversations to their business and thus grow their audience and follower base in order to connect with the right people. Companies can improve the amount of traffic that is directed to their website by participating in groups related to their product offering, through sharing content with URL links and by direct messaging potential prospects.

Generate Leads

One of the greatest benefits that LinkedIn offers for companies in the B2B sector is the opportunity to generate high-quality leads. The reason for this is that a great number of decision makers in companies are spending time on the platform in order to connect with other professionals. Such individuals pay attention to relevant ads for their businesses that will offer solutions to problems they may face. Content sharing supplies 18% of leads for marketers who use LinkedIn, whereas another 18% of leads come from posts published in groups (Linkedin).

LinkedIn is a fantastic social media tool for companies to boost their overall brand awareness, showcase thought leadership, drive website traffic and generate leads. Outsourcing your LinkedIn strategy to a company like Lacewing Media can be beneficial to your business as our expertise can help you maximize your marketing efforts to build a strong brand in the long term. If you would like to know more, contact kate@lacewingmedia.com.