A Prominent US-based SEC Regulated Investment Advisor


A prominent US-based SEC regulated investment advisor was recommended Lacewing Media after recognising the necessity to modernise and differentiate their brand from competitors to continue its growth and success. Seeking expertise in digital transformation and brand building, they chose to work with Lacewing Media due to our comprehensive understanding of the alternative investment sector, our innovative approach to modern marketing, and our proven track record in elevating brands through cutting-edge strategies and design.

Key results.

Increased brand consistency

Digitisation of media

Full refresh of brand guidelines

Updated investor reporting and decks

"Lacewing Media’s redesign was a breath of fresh air for our business. When we decided our brand needed a revamp, a connection recommended outsourcing rather than hiring for the task, reducing expenses. They brought their knowledge of alternative investments as well as excellent design abilities to rejuvenate our brand.”

A Prominent US-based SEC Regulated Investment Advisor

The Challenge.

The client recognised that they needed to digitise and align their brand with current design trends, having used their brand in its original form since the fund’s inception over a decade before. They saw the importance of modernising their operations and reporting and wanted their visual identity to reflect this. Lacewing Media served as a single-source solution for their rebranding needs, encompassing a full spectrum of design capabilities. Through this all-encompassing package, we ensured a cohesive and unified set of brand guidelines, aligning every aspect of the client’s brand with their overarching objectives and market positioning.

The Solution.

Our team started by brainstorming a brand refresh and digital transformation strategy with the client, over a number of meetings. Based on our findings, we undertook a brand update to rejuvenate the client’s image, followed by a full update of their brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all digital and physical platforms. Additionally, we updated the firm’s investor reports in line with the updated brand and by restructuring the layouts, delivered a crisper and easier to read set of documents. Our approach was collaborative, ensuring that the firm’s ethos and market positioning were at the forefront of our redesign efforts

The Results.

The rebranding and digitisation initiative led to a significant transformation of the client’s brand image. By modernising the design and adopting a fresh visual approach, we helped the firm present itself as a forward-thinking firm. Additionally, the updated brand guidelines have streamlined the firm’s marketing efforts, ensuring a cohesive and attractive brand presentation across all platforms.

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