How To: LinkedIn’s “What We Do” Feature

LinkedIn’s ‘What We Do’ page is most suitable for and available to recruiters. It targets potential clients or candidates by displaying different sections of ‘What We Do’ to targeted audiences based on information in the viewer’s LinkedIn profile. Personalised content also is used to help understand who you are and what it is like to work at your company. Through this, you can convert clients and candidates faster and increase engagement on your platform.

Firstly, this tool will help raise brand awareness by telling your company story and distinguishing your brand from the competition by highlighting your company’s culture, values, employees and leadership team. Also, sharing what it is like to work at your company will drive interest and encourage more engagement from job seekers.

By uploading photos, videos, and testimonials, candidates can understand more about you and your business and may interest and inspire them. It can also help you get a better result with the LinkedIn algorithm, meaning that even non-connected users who might find your content engaging can see your posts because the more information you put into the ‘What We Do’ page, the more you will receive.

Suitable candidates can be found quickly by refining your search criteria by specifying job functions, geographical locations, and industry sectors you are targeting. This enables you to identify and connect with potential candidates more efficiently, saving time and resources. By doing this, candidates can also reach out for advice on how to progress in their career or a specific area.

This is only available and will benefit search and staffing companies meaning companies, universities, colleges, and high schools use the ‘Life’ tab instead. The difference is that only certain types of information can be added such as company leaders, culture highlights, company photos, employee perspectives, and employee testimonials. However, on the ‘What We Do’ page, contact information, client testimonials, and candidate testimonials can also be included.

Overall, LinkedIn’s ‘What We Do’ page targets potential clients or candidates based on what is relevant to them. Therefore, this helps your company to stand out among the competition. This can help drive company interest, raise brand awareness, encourage engagement for job seekers and boost followers for the company page and the individuals. We think you and your business will benefit from trying out this feature. Lacewing Media can help support your business to create the content and set up the functionality. Feel free to get in touch.