International Foreign Exchange Agency


A start up FX agency who were time poor but marketing savvy were looking to partner with Lacewing based on our professional services industry knowledge. Recommended by another client, the agency had had negative experiences in the past partnering with a marketing consultancy who were more experienced in the retail marketing space rather than the business to business marketing space.

Key results.

Increased marketing visibility & engagement

Created industry voice

Managed content ideas and creation

Promoted thought leadership

Built brand loyalty

"We have worked with Lacewing Media for a number of years, from when we first started out as a business. We were introduced to them team by a business contact who was already working with the agency. We were impressed by their sector knowledge and their ability to create meaningful and structured industry commentary to promote thought leadership for our business."

Director, International Foreign Exchange Agency

The Challenge.

Capturing the clients time and attention to build a good base strategy has served Lacewing well. Taking the time to understand the client and their own aspirations for their fledgling business has allowed us to support their business growth, their way. Being flexible and open to work in partnership, both teams have built a great working relationship to support the development of a successful strategy.

The Solution.

Building a voice for the client to develop their differentiators to their competition, we have been able to stand out from the digital crowd in a busy marketplace. Being agile and quick to respond to market changes and challenges has allowed a fresh and relevant voice to penetrate the marketplace and deliver the client the marketing they have had in their minds eye.

The Results.

Having built a long term relationship with the client, Lacewing are able to manage the client needs and speak in their voice to create a successful online strategy, being the differentiator between them and their market competitors.

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