What is digital marketing and why is it important for businesses to embrace trends

Under the aegis of large mass media such as television, radio and billboards, the concept of marketing quickly gained worldwide appeal as a way of delivering a message to a wide audience, instantly. Consumer industries such as automobiles, electronics and even ready-to-wear have benefited greatly from this process from its inception.

Digital marketing uses digital channels to sell a product, service or brand to consumers and businesses alike. At its core, it uses the internet and connected objects, such as websites, social networks, mobile sites & apps for smartphones and tablets. Even GPS, podcasts, videos and animations form the heart of digital marketing. Usually, the goal is to increase visits to a client website and also transform these visits into a lead, ultimately generating a sale. Here, marketing also looks to assist in retaining the customer by establishing a regular relationship with them.

Given that, digital marketing uses a wide spectrum of tactics and content to reach the customer. The process can begin with organic and paid search engine optimisation and use of social media, emailing and blogging. The website is a company’s online promotional lever, the one from which they will be able to launch all their other actions.

Digital marketing is a broad industry within its own right and companies must act quickly to keep up with the everchanging landscape and trends. However, what are the key benefits/reasons to follow trends?

1. The industry changes quickly

The first reason to follow digital marketing trends is due to the pace of the industry and how it relates to customers. Integrating new technologies in companies’ strategies have vastly improved the ability of companies to collect and analyse marketing data. Big data technologies combined with data mining allow for better knowledge of the customer. Once achieved, companies are able to open up new channels of communication with their target audience and it is possible to develop new formats of advertising content.

2. Reputation boosting

By keeping up with digital marketing trends, your business will have a better knowledge of how to connect with customers which in turn can improve your reputation. The benefit from maintaining a good reputation is essential for business because consumers do their research before purchasing a product. Companies need to use the right digital marketing strategies to increase in the first hand their online presence and on the other hand, grow their community. This will make it easier for consumers who are looking for the main players in the industry.

3. Establish your point of difference from the market so you can grow your client base

Don’t be left behind your competitors. Companies must monitor the market in response to potential disruptions or new customer demands. By staying informed, your business can review what competitors are doing and be sure to provide an alternative point of view to your desired audience.

As we continue to emerge into the digital transformation era, businesses need to think about their marketing strategies in digital as well as traditional terms to retain or grow market share. Lacewing Media lives and breathes digital marketing. It is our goal to understand how quickly trends change within the digital space and we help our clients stay on top of their ‘A game’ by doing so. If your company is looking for assistance in terms of understanding the digital marketing industry and would like help applying everchanging trends to your strategy, contact kate@lacewingmedia.com