Why engaging your employees on LinkedIn boosts digital footprint and how to do it

A digital footprint is defined as the information about a particular organisation that exists on the internet as a result of online activity. Encouraging your employees have an active LinkedIn page which they are adding to and improving regularly whilst also engaging with company posted content can be a really positive way to boost your company’s digital footprint, and therefore visibility to potential prospects and clients.

LinkedIn is an ever-growing social media and networking platform, boasting over 540 million users across 200 countries, opening pathways to finding new business clients for most firms. If employees are actively engaging in LinkedIn, this can drastically increase the amount of viewership, engagement and overall awareness for the company.

Employee engagement not only promotes and creates brand awareness, it can also support companies in attracting new and promising talent to join their own firms, particularly in a candidate driven market.  Jobseekers use LinkedIn as a tool to assess if a company is what they are looking for, for their next career move, just as companies use LinkedIn to see if a potential employee might be a good fit for the business.

As a company strives to increase their digital footprint, considering how to engage employees in their overall marketing strategy will help posts reach the largest possible audience, and importantly the right audience for the business. Strong employee responses not only widen the overall reach of a company’s post, it is a great indicator that staff themselves are very much invested in the overall success of the team, promoting brand reputation.

What can employees do?

The easiest and most important thing employees can do is to engage in likes, comments and shares on company posts. This boosts overall engagement on the site post which in turn will help keep the post relevant and prominent on other users feeds for a longer period of time.

The longer a post has engagement for the better, therefore companies could consider running workshops for their employees to explain how LinkedIn works and how employees can support the business that they work for. As part of the workshop process it can be useful to explain how an employee can interact with a business post, this may be to ensure they are adding text to indicate why they’re interested in what they share and why their followers might be interested too. Additionally making employees aware of staged interaction could be vital to increasing a posts longevity, essentially meaning that not all employees interact at the same time. This is to help engage with LinkedIn’s algorithm in keeping the post active over a longer period of time.

Lacewing Media often provide ‘how to’ documents for our clients, to help support them to get the most out of their LinkedIn activity. These documents are specifically catered to directly match our clients brand wants and needs.

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